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> From: "Maliq Adonai Soter"
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> Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 20:12:19 -0000
> >Peace...
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> >I arrived home a few minutes ago and was shocked and saddened to
> >receive news of the death of a brother who was very close to my
> >heart. I learned of the situation from my younger brother, but I
> >did not identify the person he was speaking about until I read the
> >article and saw his picture, because my brother did not know the
> >name of the victim. I recall now when Matthew first came to the
> >Nation, and I recall how our conversations and discussions on issues
> >helped to revitalize me and make me feel passionate about our work
> >at a time when it seemed as though we were losing more and more
> >conscious members to disenchantment. He quickly became one of the
> >people I most looked forward to seeing when I went to meetings, and
> >the thought occurs to me now that I would've embraced him just a few
> >moments before his death had I not had other obligations on
> >Wednesday night. It hurts to know that I missed this final
> >opportunity to embrace this vibrant and brilliant individual (rarely
> >was a formal greeting enough for us, so close had we become). I am
> >saddened, shocked, and hurt beyond words by his passing. There are
> >several within our ranks of whom it would be hard to defebd their
> >names, but Matthew was not one of these. Viewed by me as a strong
> >potential candidate to succeed me as Youth Minister (I am 23 years
> >old now, and will not for long be as representative of youth as I
> >was when I was 19),he reminded me so much of myself that I feel
> >right now as though a part of me has been stolen, and I cannot
> >retrieve it. Please feel his loss as a tremendous one for the
> >Universal Zulu Nation, as I now sit and reflect upon the influence
> >he has had on my life and feel the personal loss of someone who was
> >more than a Zulu to me. He was my brother in spirit, and I will
> >miss him dearly. Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay
> >brilliant.
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> >Hotep,
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> >Maliq Adonai Soter
> >Shaka Zulu King Omen
> >Universal Zulu Nation -- NYC